Firework Frenzy: Is Your Pet Afraid of Loud Noises?

Richmond TX dog with noise anxiety

If your pet runs for cover or shakes uncontrollably every time there is a thunderstorm, a firework display, or any big party, then your pet may suffer from noise anxiety. 

Noise anxiety in pets is common with our fur friends because animals are more acutely attuned to sound. The problem with not treating noise anxiety is that it causes emotional problems, such as phobias, as well as the risk that your pet will run if given the chance. 

A pet afraid of loud noises is something we address often at our clinic. If you’re dealing with noise anxiety in pets, you are not alone. Our team at Embrace Veterinary Care can help you identify the cause and provide good solutions to easing your pet’s anxiety.


Simple, Straightforward Strategies for Summer Pet Safety

Richmond TX dog safely in summer grass

Whether it’s snoozing on a shady porch, swinging in the hammock, or, sadly (for us), digging in the garden, pets enjoy being outside as much as their people do. After all, they love to smell the smells, watch the birds and butterflies, and generally bask in the sunshine, too.

In the midst of this seasonal revelry, though, there is room for various misgivings. Travel, fireworks, thunderstorms, extra traffic, parties, and even basic backyard fun all present potential threats to summer pet safety; but not if we have anything to do with it!


What Are the Signs of Pet Allergies?

Richmond TX cat with pet allergies

The signs of pet allergies can be incredibly subtle and they can be mistaken for other skin disorders. Whatever the case may be, a veterinary dermatologist can help you get to the bottom of certain signs.

A Wide Range

At Embrace Veterinary Care we are dedicated to helping pets cope with allergies, but we also have experience with various conditions like skin cancer, infections, rashes, parasites, tumors, and hair loss (among others). Problems that affect the skin and ears commonly motivate owners to seek help, but fully understanding pet allergies and other skin conditions can be difficult without extensive dermatology training.


Your Go-To Guide For Adopting a Shelter Pet 

Richmond TX man with shelter dog

You’ve talked to your family and you’re ready to adopt a new pet! Of course, your first thought is to check out your local shelter, and we couldn’t agree more. Shelters and rescue organizations have many loving and wonderful pets of every size, shape, and personality just waiting for their forever home.

But adopting a shelter pet is most successful if a little planning and preparation takes place before you set foot in the actual building. So let Embrace Veterinary Care be your guide as you begin to navigate adopting a shelter pet. 


Understanding (And Helping) Pet Anxiety

Richmond TX cat with anxiety

It’s an all too common scene: you arrive home from work, tired, but happy to relax and unwind with your favorite furry friend. But what greets you instead is a couch chewed to smithereens, or a fresh urine spot on the carpet. Welcome home! 

It can be natural to think that your dog is angry with you or that your cat is trying to teach you a lesson when they exhibit these behaviors, but in reality, it’s likely that fear, anxiety, and stress are the root causes. 

Fear and anxiety are common contributing factors in behavioral problems in pets. Learn how to spot the signs of pet anxiety and steps to take to help your furry best friend.


Pet 911: How to Recognize a Veterinary Emergency

When it’s in the middle of the night, it may be tough to know how to respond to the third time the dog has vomited or sudden lameness in the cat’s hind leg. In a lot of cases, pet parents will do one of two things, jump online to consult Dr. Google or opt to wait it out until morning.

Unfortunately, when it comes to a veterinary emergency, sometimes what we think is no big deal turns out to be a big deal, and those few hours of delayed treatment could have resulted in a better prognosis. 

To help you stay informed on emergency situations in pets and how to respond, the team at Embrace Veterinary Care has you covered.


‘Tis the Season for Holiday Pet Safety Reminders!

There are few things that can derail a holiday celebration faster than having to rush your pet to the emergency veterinary hospital. Sadly, thanks to easy access to tons of delicious foods, fascinating holiday decor, and the comings and goings of friends and family members, this is not an uncommon event during this time of year.

Your Embrace Veterinary Care family wants you to enjoy this special time of year free of worry about your beloved pets. We’ve put together our favorite, time-tested holiday pet safety tips designed to keep your best friend out of harm’s way, while still soaking in the season together.


Rabies: Vaccinate to Eliminate

This week marks World Rabies Day – but how does that affect you?

If you’ve got children, World Rabies Day is a great opportunity to teach them how to protect themselves from being bitten or scratched by an animal; how to never touch a sleeping dog; how to never approach a sick looking animal; the importance of telling an adult if they ever do get bitten or scratched. It’s a week in which you and your family can learn more about dog body language.

Teach your children about the danger of exposure to bats and other wild creatures. Remember to report any suspicious animals to local animal control immediately.

Animals infected with rabies will act strangely, have trouble walking, and likely aggressive. Be especially watchful of coyotes, bats, foxes, raccoons, and skunks.

It’s also a time to check your pets vaccination records; ensure all your pets are up-to-date with their rabies vaccination and other preventatives such as heartworm medications, flea prevention, etc.

At Embrace Veterinary Care, we offer a complete range of services to help you keep your pet’s healthy. We are delighted to meet you and look forward to caring for your pets.