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Does Your Pet Have Allergies?

A cat being examined by a vet on an exam table

At Embrace Veterinary Care, we treat many pets with airborne and/or food allergies. Our canine companions can be especially sensitive to specific environmental allergens in the Southwest Region of the United States, and our experienced doctors are ready to help identify and alleviate your pet’s allergy symptoms with personalized attention and care.

Embrace Veterinary Care offers diagnostic testing through IDEXX Laboratories for environmental allergens in the local area such as trees, pollen, weeds, and grasses. These tests help us determine which allergen is causing an allergic reaction in your pet, and allow us to provide a quick diagnosis and effective treatment. Symptoms of allergies in dogs include itchy skin, hives, coughing/sneezing, ear infections, and gastrointestinal problems. Skin disorders and dermatological conditions such as excessive shedding and hair loss may also be due to allergies. At Embrace Veterinary Care, we offer customized allergy treatment programs to help desensitize your furry companion to airborne allergens and help improve their overall quality of life.

Our team also provides in-depth consultations for pets with food allergies. Some of the common canine food allergies come from beef, chicken, egg, and dairy products. Your beloved pet may be allergic to more than one food. We work with pet owners to detect food allergens by creating customized elimination diets for their four-legged companions. We also offer hydrolyzed foods to treat food sensitivities, as well as injectable allergy medications that can be given in our clinic or incorporated into your home-care program.

If you think your pet may have an airborne or food allergy, please call Embrace Veterinary Care at (281) 884‑9911 or book an appointment today.