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10510 FM 1464, Suite 500, Richmond, TX 77407


Advanced Veterinary Diagnostics

Cat being given ultrasound exam

Embrace Veterinary Care is a family-owned practice that is dedicated to providing expert medical care and 100% TLC to the pet community in Richmond/Katy, TX. We understand that time is of the essence when your fur baby isn’t feeling well, and we offer advanced diagnostics and treatment programs that can help your pet get better faster.

The Embrace Veterinary Care team is focused on delivering high-quality diagnostic care in an inclusive, pet-friendly space. We’ve partnered with IDEXX Laboratories, the number one veterinary laboratory in the nation, to provide comprehensive diagnostic testing services quickly and accurately. We also offer in-house hematology, chemistries, endocrinology, and SNAP tests to analyze any signs of potential infections or vector-borne disease in your pet. Having immediate access to bloodwork and fecal tests in our clinic is an important component of the expert treatment and compassionate care we provide to keep your pet healthy and happy at all times.

Digital Radiology

Digital imaging technology provides an enhanced view of your cat or dog’s internal health. At Embrace Veterinary Care, we use digital x-rays to provide a swift diagnosis of internal medical conditions that may be present in your pet’s heart and lungs or in the musculoskeletal, abdominal, and urinary systems. We also use dental imaging to get a full look into your pet’s oral cavity to check teeth and gums for any hidden infection below the gum line.

To learn more about our veterinary diagnostic services, please call us at (281) 884‑9911 or book an appointment today.